Pre-Sale Outdoor Revamp to Increase Property Value

The low inventory of houses in a lot of markets prompts buyers to shop earlier for a property. Spring is a good time to spruce up homes if you are planning on putting your house on the market this year. Preparation for viewing is a good step towards making that sale happen quickly and to increase your property value. Not only are you expected to tidy up inside but also outside where first impressions are made. Here are practical tips for your outdoor home maintenance to prepare homes for a spring sale.

Well-Maintained Backyard Enhances the Value of Real Estate

There is no doubt that gardens and outdoor spaces are part of the attractions of buying a property. The size of the garden does not only affect the price of real estate for obvious reasons, it is also how well the area is maintained that enhances its value. Curb appeal is something that buyers are looking for whether there are plenty of trees on the grounds, vegetable and flower beds are established or outdoor lighting installed. Landscaping improves the value of a property by as much as 11% based on the results of a Michigan study while 84% of Americans say that the quality of landscaping influences their decision to buy a property (National Association of Landscape Professionals).

Prepare Fountains, Ponds, and Pools

If you have a swimming pool, spring is a good time to open it up. Pool preparation involves cleaning, vacuuming and checking the pool’s water chemistry. For ponds, you need to clean them first before starting the pump. Winter often attracts dirt and leaves no matter how much effort you spent protecting it from the cold. You also need to test the water if it is suitable for fishes and plant life. Fountains and birdbaths should be power-washed to prepare for the season.

Easy Maintenance Tips for Lawn, Trees, and Shrubs

Cleat the lawn of debris that has accumulated on its surface. Rake lawns for leaves that are stuck with the snow and improve air circulation. Apply pre-emergent crabgrass treatment to avoid weeds from growing and spreading. Now is also a good time to fertilize grass and to repair damaged turf by reseeding. Prune trees and remove damaged branches. You can also apply fertilizer to the roots of trees, shrubs, and hedges to stimulate growth.

Fix and Paint Structures

Get instant curb appeal by fixing and painting broken sheds, fences and shutters in addition to repairing roofs and gutters. These are the things that immediately catch the attention of prospective buyers, it does not cost much to repair them and put on a coat of paint. Even getting a new mailbox and house number can enhance the charm of your home. Pathways should be tidied up and damaged slabs repaired or replaced.

Increasing the curb appeal of your home is important to make it attractive to buyers. By starting outdoor home maintenance early, not only are you increasing the chances of making that sale but also enhancing the final value of your property.

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