Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden Using Your Old Bathroom Suite

You’ve decided to add some value to your home by redoing your bathroom. So you gutted everything and got an entirely new bathroom suite including that toilet with the heated seat you’ve always wanted. But what to do with the old suite? Having everything hauled off can be expensive. But what if you could reuse your old tub, sink, and toilet to give your garden a makeover? Read on for some unique ways to do just that.


A new planter is an easy way to give an old outdoor space a quick face-lift. Many people find furniture such as dressers or items such as water storage heaters hard to dispose of, but actually they are very suitable to be used as planters. Both bathtubs and toilets are also well suited for this purpose. Old fashioned claw-foot tubs are particularly aesthetically pleasing. When placing a bathtub planter, make sure to choose a spot that has firmer earth and not prone to flooding so that the tub doesn’t start sinking. Flowers are a popular choice, however you can also use the tub as a raised garden for growing vegetables and herbs as well. For a two tiered toilet planter, fill the bowl and tank with potting soil. Again, flowers that will cascade down the side produce a beautiful effect.


If you don’t think your bathtub would work well as an above-ground planter, on old tub works wonderfully as a liner for an in-ground pond. Since bathtubs are relatively small, you won’t need a pump to ensure aeration. Just make sure to get some appropriate plants, such as rushes. When making an inground pond, make sure to slope the soil down away from the edges to ensure that any overflow will drain properly. You can plant some ground cover and shrubs to cover the edges of the tub for a seamless look.


Salvaged pedestal or wall-mounted sinks work the best for recycling into birdbaths. If you are using a wall-mounted sink, you’ll want to mount it on another object such as a tree, or the side of a garden shed. Make sure to plug the drain with waterproof material. To hide the drain, use stones, or seashells to  line the bottom of the sink basin. For a pedestal sink, you’ll want to use the same method on the drain and basin. As with the bathtub planter, make sure to pick a firm, dry spot in your yard or garden. You may want to use a little cement to make sure that the sink stays in place. You can plant camouflage foliage around the base to hide the foundation.

Using your old bathroom suite as a way to add a little interest and freshness to your garden is great way to up-cycle the old into the new. Not only do you get to remodel in one, but you’ll be keeping your old things out of the landfill, and saving a little money as well.

Comment balloon 1 commentJenifer Lower • October 04 2017 06:20PM


Hi Jenifer, your blog title caught my eye and you are very clever.  My first call would be to Habitat for Humanity or some other charity that "might" consider taking items of good quality.  However, it is more fun to be creative (as you suggest). Friends of ours have a smallish, old clawfoot bathtub that they keep outside on their deck.  They entertain a lot and when they do,  the tub is filled with ice and is put to use as a beverage cooler and it works beautifully.  When the party is over they simply pull the plug and the water is channeled into the garden. 

Posted by Jack Tenold, Specializing in Reverse Mortgages (Jack Tenold LLC) over 1 year ago