Bad Habits to Fall into as a Realtor

  • 'Selling yourself is too Hard'—Everyone out there is a prospect whether they know it yet or not. Transitions happen suddenly for many reasons. Introducing yourself and making the 'Realtor' part of you as integrated as possible will allow everyone you know to think of you when one of these transitions come along for themselves or for a friend. Slapping a well-designed and professional card into the hands of everyone you meet is the best, and cheapest, marketing you can do.  

Business-to-Business-Developing a strong relationship with local businesses creates a foundation of strong referrals, business coming to you from others who think highly of you, and it demonstrates the quality of service you provide within the real estate transaction and beyond—if you are connected to your area in ways outside of real estate, you are more real and more memorable to your clients.!bozeman-montana-real-estatenet/cs24   

Clients-Having on-hand references to hand out with a bit more discretion then your business cards puts you in the humbled position of your clients speaking for you. You can sell yourself all day, but when it comes down to it, having a third party vouch gives you credibility that cannot be gained in any other way.

  • The Ask—Even if all people you meet are potential clients, you still need to refine how you approach those who are serious prospects. Don’t ask about what they want, you know them and you should be able to present a plan for them without having to have that hyper-formal conversation. Show they you are there, show them you are competent, and then ask them to hire you.



  • Plans/Checklists—Having a checklist for each transaction you engage with is a fail-proof way to make sure that no one is being neglected. The issue is keeping these checklists up. Make sure to take notes, date, and track the interactions you have with ALL clients. This allows you to know where you are with things, but furthermore, it creates a record of performance. If your turn-over rate from online leads dies at the three week period, find a catch that gets them on the hook prior to that fall off. This is a tool with infinite uses as soon as an agent develops the discipline to keep it up.  


  • Thank You’s—To all parties involved whether the deal goes through or not. Hand-written or printed and hand-signed. Do not make these automatic and too formal or the touch is lost. This again works at the foundation building. If one transaction does not go through for whatever reason, that same client may look to enter into real estate again and leaving them with the sweet taste in their mouth means there is a greater likelihood of them not forgetting you.



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